My name is Ginny, and I started The Learning Curve: Handmade Bags & More! (TLC) in 2018 with my husband, Aaron. We are called "The Learning Curve" because my husband and I are self-taught and are constantly learning new and improved ways to create our product.

Based out of Rochester, NH, what started out as a hobby has grown into a small crafting business. TLC is becoming well-known and sought after at local craft Fairs. In 2022, we started teaching sewing classes out of a spare room in our local coffee shop. When the shop closed, our town community group allowed us to use space in their building.

In addition to increasing our knowledge and improving our skills, we are looking to ever-grow TLC into everything it can be. Over 2023, we are expanding our little business into the online market- thus creating this website.

My husband and I make everything ourselves.  I make my own bag patterns and the majority of the plushies we make were designed by CholyKnight at her company: Sew Desu Ne?  We do other crafts beside sewing, like: Glass Engraving and Dreamcatchers.  We always welcome ideas for new product and enjoy the challenge of custom orders.

Each item is uniquely made with as much care and precision that is humanly possible, and we take great pride in the quality of our product.